Layout as a Service: Visualize your data in many ways. January 27th, 2014

Have you ever had data, especially graphs, that you needed to visualize but didn't want to get into the hassle of installing, integrating and maintaining a software package for layouting graphs? Even worse, the software package that you installed does not give an optimal result and so you tried others or had them running in parallel and at the end you gave up because it was just too much work? What if you could just call graph.layout([type], [name], [options]) and that's it?

GetThisLayout is a layout as a service that offers more than 25 layout algorithms accessible through a REST interface.

Be careful when replacing strings in JavaScript November 4th, 2013

Sometimes, methods that you think you know well might surprise you and bring you headaches if you don't read the documentation carefully. One of these methods is the JavaScript String.replace method.

A hidden gold of JointJS, the geometry library September 12th, 2013

The JointJS diagramming library contains a not-yet-documented standalone mini library that implements many useful geometry operations. This post shows all the primitives that the geometry library exposes. The geometry library does not have any dependencies, is AMD complient and can be used outside of JointJS.

Automatic graph layout with JointJS and Dagre July 29th, 2013

JointJS is a diagramming library that focuses on rendering and interacting with diagrams. This post shows how to integrate JointJS with Dagre, the directed graph layout engine for JavaScript, in order to automatically render and layout directed graphs.

DynamicTable - JavaScript library that turns your HTML tables into interactive tables September 12th, 2012

Do you also like the moments when you browse through the code you wrote years ago? I've just had one of these and discovered a tiny JavaScript library which I wrote about five years ago that turns your HTML table elements into interactive tables with sorting, filtering and paging and couple of visual effects as well. A JavaScript library that runs on Firefox 2, IE 6 and other ancient browsers without any external help. No jQuery, Prototype or any other help. I decided to share my excitment with you and so I translated documentation and demo from Czech to English and here it is.

JavaScript function to highlight URLs September 3rd, 2012

Sometimes you want to show the user a URL that is nicely visually structured. This happens especially in cases where it is important to focus on e.g. query parameters of an URL. I had this need and so I created urlhighlight, a very little (151 loc) JavaScript function that takes a URL as a parameter and returns HTML that wraps components of that URL. These components can be then styled in CSS.

JSON editor jQuery plugin October 4th, 2011

JSON format became quite a standard format for data exchange. Its simple syntax, JavaScript compatibility and human readability are probably the reasons for its wide adoption. I work with JSON on a daily basis and therefore had a need for an online JSON editor. I tried plenty of them that are out there but no one provided a component that I could use in my own applications. The reason why I needed such a component is for UI prototyping. Sometimes you need a replacement for a future UI component that you haven't built yet. Such a component is just part of the UI and allows the user to change some properties that are represented internally as a plain JavaScript object. That's how JSONMate and its core jQuery JSON editor plugin have born. Feel free to comment on it, use it, contribute to it... MIT licensed.

A pure JavaScript color picker April 22nd, 2011

There is plenty of color picker components on the web but very few of them are built with pure JavaScript, without using images, Flash or 1px divs. Moreover, it's difficult to find one that works on mobile devices as well. Let me introduce a plain JavaScript color picker written in 300 lines of code including comments. Discover SVG!

Try it yourself: Flexi Color Picker.